Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sand Dunes

Saturday started out like any other Saturday, we had nothing planned. I am not a home body and didn't want to spend my weekend home again. I suggested taking the boys to a park on a picnic. Then Tim started talking about the Buneau Sand Dunes and I decided right then and there that we will go today. Unfortunately we ended up going in the late afternoon but we went and it was fun!

The temperature outside was 101 and the temperature on the sand was probably 107! We were only able to play for about half an hour. The poor boys turned red the moment we stepped outside. Thank goodness we brought tons of water. Curtis kept trying to catch the grasshoppers with no luck. Tevin was just digging holes. I took a little hike up the small sand dune and the view was beautiful.

We were also planning on going to the private observatory.  I thought they started at 7 pm but turns out it opens to the public at 9 pm.  We didn't want to wait around for two more hours in this heat so we headed back.  With a pit stop at a park in Mountain Home and twice at the potty at Maverick we made it home.  It wasn't a day full of crazy adventures but we had a wonderful day together as a family, something we haven't done in a while.

We are planning a camping trip back at the end of the month and hopefully this time we'll get to do more and bring some friends along.

Friday, July 16, 2010

We're still here....

There are too many things that have happened in the past five months to catch up on so I'm just going to start from here.

Our little Jelly Bean is 4 months old now. She brings so much joy into our lives. The boys love her and make her laugh better than I can! When I look at her I get this overwhelming sense of peace and feel that life is wonderful. It's not because I finally have my girl, there is just this aura about her that makes me relax and feel true joy.

The boys recently had their birthdays so Tevin is now 3 and Curtis 5. It's hard to imagine that time can really go by that fast until you have something that demands your attention everyday! They are pure joy in my life. Tevin the little tease and Curtis the sensitive. Yes they are best friends but they are also brothers :)

Currently we are living in a 900 square foot, two bedroom apartment on the third floor in the middle of summer. We are making do but everyone is starting to feel a bit claustrophobic. I would love to have my bedroom back instead of waking up or going to sleep looking at these two huge, black metal shelves full of food, giving me a pantry. Or seeing my bathroom sink sitting right there like we are in a motel. But this is the price I pay for mistakes I've made.

Other than our current illnesses (Tevin with chicken pox, me with shingles, Kaylee teething and Tim with a sinus cold) we are making it through day by day remembering our blessing that we have each other and food on the table and a roof over our heads.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blessings in 24 hours

The last 24 hours have been full of emotions, pain and stress. No, it wasn't too much fun but in just this short time the Lord has given me hope and patience to make it. I don't down Him in any way and I know he is looking out for me and my little family in every way shape and form.

Yesterday I had my bi-weekly prenatal appointment. They did two exams, the normal pelvic and then a special one to see if I will be likely to have pre-term labor in the next two weeks. She did this test because after my appointment I headed over to the hospital for the first of two steroid shots. Since the steroids tend to cause anxiety and contractions she wanted to be cautious. By the afternoon she would call me and let me know that if the test came back positive I would need to be monitored over night at the hospital.

I went home feeling great (a lot due to my sister being there with me through the whole morning. Her presence gave me much strength) I didn't think anything of the shots the rest of the day until come 5:00 pm my doctor called. The test was positive. I was to go to the hospital as soon as I could. Honestly during the day I was secretly hoping to go so I could get a bit of a break from the kids and be "catered" to. But when that phone call came I got scared and nervous. Yes, I would like this pregnancy to be over but I want to be able to hold my baby, not have her whisked to the NICU.

Tim dropped the kids off at my parents and then we headed over to the hospital. I still felt fine having contractions every once in a while, but it was nothing new. They hooked me up to the monitors and sure enough, the contractions were getting stronger and more regular. The doctor ordered me to take some pills to stop the contractions since my water hadn't broken. They didn't stop the contractions so they gave me a little bit more. By then it was around 10:00 pm and I was getting exhausted. I rolled onto my side and immediately the contractions stopped. I was able to sleep (as well as you can on those beds) with very few contractions during the night. Tim, my amazing sweet husband stayed with me all night sleeping on the thin padding on the bench provided. Before we went to sleep he gave me a blessing full of love and peace helping me to realize how close he is to our Heavenly Father.

Come morning I got the second steroid shot and we were allowed to go home. I was instructed to be on bed rest for the next 24 hours and to keep taking the pills for the next two weeks. My doctor said that by then I should be free to go because I'll be 36 weeks and Kaylee will be developed enough to avoid the NICU.

Earlier this week I realized that this weekend would be about the same time that Tevin was born, just over 34 weeks. I was losing faith in myself and starting to worry. But because of these past 24 hours I now have the faith and determination to make it another two weeks. Grant it I do have quite a few other things to stress about right now but I know that at least my baby will be alright.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


It is a beautiful day today. Still a little chilly but nice enough that my kids played outside and left me alone for 30 minutes. The only disturbing part was finding chalk on Curtis's lips. Not Tevin's, Curt's. He's 4 going on 5 and still eating chalk. Should I be worried about this? Or just look at it as curiosity? I think I'll stick with curiosity.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just Thought

I thought it would be a good time to start my little family blog. With baby Kaylee coming soon and the Curtis and Tevin getting so big and creative, I would love to share my world with family and friends. May you all enjoy and hopefully capture a small piece of the joy I carry in my heart everyday. Love you all!